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Bocce court 6' drag broom.

Bocce court 6' drag broom.

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This 6' drag broom could be the most important tool for your clay bocce court. Designed to level and manicure your court. It is suggested to broom your court after each game session or tournament. It is also important to broom your court at least once a week if the court is used or not. This will keep the court level (after rainstorms) and helps keep weeds down by moving material around. Designed to pull. Available in fine or coarse bristle with a new hoop handle. Coarse bristle is recommended for larger grit courts (decomposed granite, stone dust, Har-Tru, oyster shell.) and moist courts. Bristles are more aggressive moving and leveling more material. Fine bristle will do the same but much less aggressive. leaves a finer smoother finish on dryer courts. moves much less material but leaves a smooth finish. Both brooms do a wonderful, important job in maintaining your bocce court. Extra shipping cost due to 6' long package. 

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