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Bocce Ball Holders | Low profile | Bocce ball rack.

Bocce Ball Holders | Low profile | Bocce ball rack.

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These are the perfect addition to any Bocce court. 2' long x 3.5" wide x .50" thick. Each unit holds 4 bocce balls and one pallina. You can mount them together for all eight bocce balls or one on each side of the court so each player has their own rack. Grooves cut in top and bottom so water does not puddle in cutouts. Attaches with 2 stainless steel screws. Made of Marine grade UV stable plastic to last indefinitely. Made right here in the USA in our woodshop. PRICE INCLUDES 2 HOLDERS to hold eight bocce balls and 2 pallinas.

Now available in 2 colors.

White with brown cutouts

Dark brown with tan cutouts

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