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Bocce court rake.

Bocce court rake.

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A must-have tool for bocce court maintenance. Ultra-light aluminum rake. One side has a straight edge for smoothing; the other side has teeth for scarifying weeds and removing highs and lows. Also great for spreading new clay, stone, and oyster shell material. The Lute/Scarifier is two tools in one, made of all aluminum for scarifying, leveling, and removing loose granules. Strong, sturdy, and lightweight. Essential for seasonal resurfacing and spreading new material. Concave design helps the tool to "float" and not dig into the surface. The serrated side is excellent for scarifying moss and weeds from the surface to aid in removal. The 30" is recommended for daily use of scarifying and seasonal maintenance. The 36" is better suited for leveling new material and scarifying, and the 42" is best for bridging low areas and spreading new material. Made in the USA. All the years of building and maintaining bocce courts, this is our most used tool.

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